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Feedback from Client JH

Feedback from a client of X Debt who entered into an IVA following our  IVA advice

Dear James

I am sorry that I missed your call last week, but I did get your message thank you. Everything sounds good and it seems that you are well and truly getting things sorted for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and you will never know what a relief that I am feeling and that also I have a positive feeling that there will be an end of this situation for me. I know that for the next 5 years I have this goal but at the end I will be free of the worry.

I really appreciate your honesty, kindness and encouragement to me and will not forget and of this. Sometimes, in life you have so many knocks and set backs and it is hard to trust and feel comfortable discussing and sorting out problems. For me it has been a huge embarrassment and at the same time I have felt such an unworthy person.

Now, ...... I shall look forward to the summer and start to feel more positive and work towards a happier future......

Yours truly

J. H.

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