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IVA helps keep family together

Lovely thoughts of a client who entered into an IVA following our  IVA advice. Family problems were increasing which have now been eased making for a more comfortable home situation.

Thank you for your letter dated 16th May 2014. Please find enclosed information requested for your consideration:
  1. My financial statement regarding income and expenditure
  2. My last 12-months payslips
  3. My last bank statement from february 2014 to May 2014 - which confirms utility payments
  4. Tax credits letter confirming nil settlement - overpayment
  5. Mortgage statements (3 number accounts)

In addition to the above, I am aware that in the next 6-months I have to attempt to gain an addition to our mortgage and will come back to you with an update on my progress on this by the of July 2014. I cannot thank you enough for your companies continued help which is very much appreciated and has kept us, as a family together.

Yours sincerely


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