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Free debt advice for couples who have felt the pinch following childbirth

X-Debt offer free IVA debt advice to anybody concerned with the amount of debt they are in, for some people £500 is considered a worry and others £50,000. Initially we review your situation and then we find the best solution to help you reduce your debt; your worry is our main priority.

Today’s modern times have placed increasing pressure on people to lend money, one of the groups of people hardest hit are first time mums. The website undertook a study in April 2012 that revealed almost 30% of first time mums are unable to fully financially prepare themselves for parenthood and end up with debt problems. The average amount of debt for first time mums at the end of their maternity leave is £2,500 but it can be much more. If you are in a similar situation please Contact X-debt now for free debt advice.

Having a baby is one of the most expensive life decisions, not only is the household income reduced as most mums need to take a period of time out of employment but the expense associated with buying the baby essentials is very high. From buying a pushchair to a car seat, a cot, bedroom furniture, clothing and even nappies increases the weekly household expenditure. X-Debt offer free debt advice for new parents in this position, even if you decide not to take our advice, you have lost nothing by enquiring.

The research revealed that almost a quarter of couples put off having a baby because of the cost and many are unable to save and put money aside because of today’s modern times – salaries for most people have been frozen since the economic downturn and costs have increased – running a car and heating the home has become very expensive, which means for most people, disposable incomes have reduced significantly. So when new mums decide to take maternity leave, the household income reduces but the cost increases and many have been unable to save money to account for the shortfall. Only a quarter of new mums reported that they felt financially prepared according to the research. In general the monthly household income for new parents almost halves and yet 40% of new parents and unable to set money aside to account for this shortfall. This can put incredible pressure on new parents during an already stressful time.

For new parents who have been forced into financial difficulty, X-Debt free debt advice can offer huge peace of mind; don’t allow money worries to jade the most joyous time of your life.

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