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X Debt Website Terms, Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Use of Our Website

This website is free to use for its intended purpose.

Information displayed on this website should only be considered as generic information and is not intended as specific advice and should not be construed as such. Professional advice, specific to you as an individual, should be sought prior to undertaking any debt solution.

Contact Forms

Information provided through any contact forms on this website will only be used for its intended purpose. This will be specifically to contact you and to assess whether or not an individual is suited to an IVA.

Only very basic information is requested via the online contact forms. Where an individual wishes to (or does) undertake an IVA, further detailed information will be required.

When completing our online forms, when seeking debt advice or solution, you confirm that you are contemplating an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) and agree that the information on the X Debt website is to be used for broad generic (non-specific) purposes in relation to a Debt Relief Order, Bankruptcy, Debt Consolidation or a Debt Management Plan and does not constitute advice.

IVA Calculator

Our IVA calculator forms throughout the website will only give an initial indication of whether an IVA is suitable and should not be construed as a recommendation. In order to fully assess suitability for an IVA we will require additional information to advise further.

Your Data

Your data or personal information will not be passed to any third party apart from where you wish to enter in to an IVA, collate information for this purpose and to perform duties relating to your IVA. In these circumstances your information will be shared with creditors and may also be used in tracing assets such as PPI claims. Your express approval will be required before any information is passed to claims companies for the purpose of tracing such assets.

Information on this website

All information provided on this website is the property of Debts Solved Limited (DSL) T/a X Debt. Copying and redistribution of any content herein is strictly prohibited without the express permission of DSL.