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Payday Loan Debts

19th January 2017

Payday loans are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. They are high interest loans that are used as a short term fix to tide you over for cash until pay day. Many consumer groups warn against taking

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Debt worries after Christmas

19th January 2017

Has Christmas left you with big money problems? Have you spent a more than you can afford? A survey from the Children’s Society found that 28% of families were expected to borrow money to get them

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Credit Card Debt

16th January 2017

Millions of people manage their daily finances using their credit cards. It is far too easy to keep spending when the credit is readily available. The only problem is that it isn’t your money. The more

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How the inflation increase will affect you

23rd December 2016

With inflation expecting to increase in early 2017 how much will this affect you? The Bank of England have predicted that the inflation rate will almost triple in the new year from 1% up to 2.7%. The dramatic

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How brexit will effect your personal finances

15th December 2016

Are you worried that Brexit will put you into further debt? As Britain is soon to be heading out of the EU this is going to affect people’s finances in many ways. Many people will be wondering how

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