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Free debt advice – common reasons for getting into debt

X-debt offer free IVA debt advice which is focused on getting you out of debt. Here are some of the common reasons people in the UK get into debt, the reasons can be anything from redundancy to serious illness. X-debt is here to help no matter what the cause of your debt.

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The economic downturn has undoubtedly affected the need for individuals to seek free debt advice. Weak consumer spending has forced employers to make cuts in employee numbers but people still need money to live so turn to credit cards, payday loans with huge interest rates and overdrafts to survive.


Having a baby, be it planned or unplanned reduces the household income significantly. The financial pressure on parents is highly increased these days as the cost of living continues to rise; this leads many new parents to seek free debt advice.


It’s difficult to financially plan for illness. Some people can unfortunately become terminally ill, which can result in weeks, months and even years off work. This is one of the main reasons people get into debt and is very unfortunate as the burden of being ill is hard enough.


Further education has resulted in huge debt issues for thousands of students across the UK, student loans, student living debts and tuition fees have made it virtually impossible for students to come out of a degree without debt. Many of the graduates that come to us for free debt advice are in the region of £20,000 in debt and this can take years to pay off without a good debt management programme

Separation or Divorce

When couples separate the emotional strain can be hard to bear and this is confounded by the crippling financial reality that the cost of living is no longer split in two. It’s often difficult for couples to agree on who should repay any existing joint debt, in situations where couples are married and an agreement cannot be reached, solicitors are required and this can increase debt issues even further.

At X-debt, we don’t judge you for the reasons surrounding your debt, we are here to support you and advise you on how to effectively manage it. That’s why we offer free debt advice, to get you back on the right tracks and free to enjoy your life again – debt free!

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