Total Unsecured Debt

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Worried about payments to Smooth Financial?

Are you concerned that your contributiuons made to Smooth Financial Consultants Limited have not been passed on to your creditors?

Smooth Financial Consultants Limited entered into administration on 2 August 2013 meaning they are no longer in a position to manage your debt.

Although you may have kept up with your debt management payments it is possible that contributions didn’t in fact reach creditrs so essentally you may have fallen behind with payments agreed at the outset.

You may be currently experiencing increased creditor pressure.

While your circumstances may have been suited to a debt management plan originally, this may now have changed as it is possible your debts could have increased due to interest and none payment to creditors.

An IVA may be suited to your circumstances if your unsecured debt is above £10,000 and have a form of disposable income. An IVA would offer more protection for your contributions and from creditor pressure.

Also an IVA can protect you from bankruptcy so long as you stick to the agreement as all creditors included in the IVA are bound by its terms.

Please contact us for initial IVA debt advice to put your mind at ease.

You can call us on 0800 043 2424 or 0161 787 3400 to discuss your situation. Alternatively you may wish to try our debt calculator for an initial view.

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