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How an IVA Can be Beneficial

13th June 2012

If you are considering applying for an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) then you will perhaps want to know some of the benefits. Seek IVA debt advice now for a solution to your debts. There are

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UK Debt statistics – Seek debt advice now!

19th May 2012

UK personal debt statistics provided by @creditaction. It is important that, should you find yourself in debt and struggling to make your monthly payments that you seek professional IVA debt advice

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IVA Advice – why an individual voluntary arrangement is the way forward

29th April 2012

IVA debt advice is becoming more and more commonplace as individuals and businesses struggle to keep their head above water since the 2008 economic downturn. So what is an IVA? IVA stands for Individual

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Free debt advice – common reasons for getting into debt

28th April 2012

X-debt offer free IVA debt advice which is focused on getting you out of debt. Here are some of the common reasons people in the UK get into debt, the reasons can be anything from redundancy to serious

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Free debt advice for couples who have felt the pinch following childbirth

27th April 2012

X-Debt offer free IVA debt advice to anybody concerned with the amount of debt they are in, for some people £500 is considered a worry and others £50,000. Initially we review your situation and

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